Sunday Tabloid - Shock as Celtic fan retains the same opinion for 5 minutes

Last updated : 23 January 2005 By Rev Jolly

A Ginger burd holds her nose in disgust
It has emerged that Celtic diehard (aren't they all? - Ed) Finbar O’Brendan, (24), has dismissed earlier allegations of a Masonic anti conspiracy TWICE in the space of a week to astonished co-workers.

Then he followed up his remark by sensationally suggesting that referee Hugh Dallas “might not be a mason.”

Stunned collegues registered their amazement when O’Brendan repeated the same opinion he had expressed the previous week.

“This is from a guy who is convinced the SFA pick the fixture list to give Rangers all the easy games – he’s a f**king moron!” said a collegue.

Another acquintance observed that O’Brendan’s opinions were normally “all over the bloody place”, especially when talking about St Martin O’Neil’s (peace be upon him) future.

“One minute he’s saying this is the ‘main man sent from god” to win the treble and the European Cup. You know, the same crap as every other season. Three months later he’s outside Parkhead with his “sack the board' banner. I bet he’s already got “Balde Must Go!” scrawled on a bed sheet somewhere in his house. And another thing, some Celtic fans smell so bad they force you to hold your nose in their presence or you'll boak”.

Insiders observed that it was still a month or so before an Old Firm game, and a suitable time had elapsed since the previous clash, but remarked upon the significance of the comments.

“Normally it’s just a string of ‘It’s no’ fair’ whinges one after another. Even when they win he claims they had to beat the referee too!”

O’Brendan, meanwhile, refused to comment further on his controversial same opinion twice situation. Sensing a paranoid trap to make him look daft, he invited our Daily Tabloid reporter to “F**k off”.