Half-drunk monkey

Last updated : 30 July 2004 By Dov
You have to wonder what goes through our manager's mind — you would think he doesn't see the match as we supporters do. Is he past the point of caring?

When the Kilmarnock game started, a half-drunk monkey would have got someone to man-mark Stevie Fulton.

But not Leish — he let Fulton roam around, and the experienced midfielder punished the Lions in so many ways as we got stuffed 4-0.

After the Dunfermline nightmare, the chairman will have to get his house in order — as it's in danger of collapse.

He should concentrate more on the football side of his business, and not on his near-empty office block.

The supporters are getting annoyed at the attitude of the players. If we played well and got beat, then that's no big deal, but we aren't — something must be done soon to sort it out.