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Last updated : 07 January 2004 By Dov
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Wednesday, January 7
A great time at Legoland -
Happy New Year. I had a great time at Legoland watching Livingston take apart the Weebles on the Subbuteo pitch.

Davie Hay keeps pulling off inspired substitutions and tactical changes. We had so many chances to bury the below-Pars and failed to convert them.

It's good to see us play an open, attacking game and break our East End Park jinx. Now a good run in January could see us catch the Pars.

Personally, I didn't see a lot wrong with the synthetic surface. We played good passing football and I witnessed a very exciting game which I don't normally see at this time of year.

The biggest gripe I have was the failure to clear the surface water from the pitch. This caused both sets of players to slide about the place.

This isn't the pitch's fault — it's Dunfermline's fault. Buy a big sponge!

Wednesday, December 24
Four, four, two by
Four, four, two. That's the way to go. Attack them down the wings and put in tempting balls to Lilley and Pasquinelli.

We did this in the second half on Saturday and destroyed Killie. It was like taking candy from a baby and Camacho had all the lollipops.

We need a right winger, though. I think Fernandez should play there. He is a lot better than McGovern and will round off the formation nicely.

Foreign referees is this week's big talking point. Should we have them taking charge of our games? I say yes.

I reckon we should have them for a whole season, giving the whistlers a chance to learn the Scottish game.

This can only be a good thing as our officials need some competition. No prizes for guessing which side Charlie Richmond from Cumnock favoured on Saturday. Or did I only imagine it?

Wednesday, December 17
The Flu Bug - By Dov
A flu virus is currently sweeping through Livingston's squad, but on Saturday the Lions had a different kind of bug infecting the side,.

It was the cannae-play-fitba bug!

I often wonder how a team can play so well in one match and be so hopeless the next.

Players like Billy Dodds should be sitting at home watching Matlock on the box— not being gifted goal-scoring opportunities by some overpaid foreigner.

No wonder the game's going down the tubes. Passion has been replaced by a greed that is driving our game into the abyss.

Partick Thistle are a club who have got it right. They pay their "stars" no more than £500 per week, and although they they may be bottom of the league, they'll probably be in existence longer than teams like Dundee.

What we need is a wage cap to stop the foreign invasion, and get admission prices down, so the average fan can become a regular attender once more.