Michael Hart - By spiggle@livilions.co.uk

Last updated : 30 July 2004 By Dov
Well, Well, what a week. The now infamous Michael Hart saga continues. Personally i would like to see Michael Hart give the two fingers to Aberdeen and sign a long contract with the mighty Lions.

As for Keith Wyness, how many more tricks will he use to lure players and managers to Pittodrie. I ask you one question Mr Wyness:

After finding the money to improve your squad, HAVE YOU FOUND THE MONEY TO BUY A TOASTER YET?

In other Livi news, we look close to signing the Spanish Legend Amor.

WOW. Talk about signings, this will be the biggest name player signed for Livi. Maybe now, we will finally forget about Fernandez.

Also the news that Dorado, Brinquin and Lovell will be back from injury means that Livi will start the winter break with a very strong squad and hopefully start the push up the SPL table.