Monkey chequebook

Last updated : 30 July 2004 By Dov
Now that the winter break is upon us, it's about time our chairman stopped moaning about being skint, and got his monkey chequebook out.

You only have to look at the state of Aberdeen's finances, and even the Dons are chasing several players, including ex-Lion Stevie Tosh.

Do me a favour Keane, give Falkirk £30k to bring back Tosher, he's been missed since you and JL decided to let him go.

Another we badly miss is Fernandez, although the little wizard has never been given a chance by at Celtic.

And now Leish is trying his best to sell Andrews! Now Mr Leishman, you can't go selling our best players; we're bad enough without doing that.

I just wish our management team would concentrate on the job in hand, not constantly try to sell our players via radio or Television, it's not on.