That isn't the way to make money

Last updated : 29 July 2004 By Dov
It was nice to sit up in hospitality on Sunday, The place was nice and welcoming, the people were nice, and the grub was delicious (even the pies).

Just when I thought things couldn’t have got better, Rolly Zarate does the business and Livi beat the Motherwell deservedly 1-0.

After the match we went into the stadium bar, where Livi supporters can go into after the match enjoy a pint or two.

But to my surprise the barman shut the place at 7pm when there was over EIGHTY folk in the bar buying drinks.

Now that to me isn’t the way to make money, but I hear that this is the norm for the place to shut early.

Money is Money at the end of the day, and with the state of football these days, it’s nice to see that our chairman has obviously got money to burn, so is there any chance of a new striker??