The deckchair

Last updated : 24 August 2004 By Dov
Picture copyright Livingston FC
As if administration wasn't bad enough, Livingston have now produced possibly the worst kit ever in our short history.

Gone are the traditional amber shirts, which we have all come to love, and in have come white and amber STRIPES!

Never mind fashion, this looks like an explosion in a paint factory!

Being the brainchild of former chairman Dominic Keane, the new shirts are known as Dom's Deckchairs, and rightly so.

Opposition fans often laugh at our club, and now they have a real reason to do so. The new kit is a total embarrassment, and it needs to be sorted NOW.

The new chairman has said he will listen to the supporters' views, so hopefully he'll listen to ours now. The strip is a disgrace, please change it.

Picture copyright Livingston FC