The Livi youth policy - By

Last updated : 30 July 2004 By Dov
It is time for Livi to buck up our ideas on the youth policy. We don’t blood youngsters and because of this, we are losing good young talent to other clubs.

Leishman has lost Whalen and Hart due not giving them a game for the Lions, how long before we lose more talented youth.

We should stop bringing in every Tom, Dick and Harry on a free transfer and give our youth a chance to prove themselves.

Hart has signed for Aberdeen. I hope Keane thwarts every move from Aberdeen to sign him now.

The actions of Aberdeen were underhand and out of order. Maybe FIFA and the SPL will agree with the SFL’s backing of Keane on this issue.

Maybe they will see sense and relegate Aberdeen. This is unlikely as they have escaped relegation too often in the past from dodgy SPL regulations. I used to like Aberdeen, not anymore.