What a farce by spiggle@livilions.co.uk

Last updated : 30 July 2004 By Dov
What a farce. Do referees actually consider the common punter when calling games off?

Do they not realise that away fans have to travel anything up to three hours to get to some games? A wasted Saturday and the Livi fans are well out of pocket.

What do the SPL and Dundee say: "We're sorry". Is that it? We'll that's not on. I hope Dundee get fined a few bob — it's what they deserve.

The Livingston fans are mucked about again — more money wasted due to the ineptitude of others.

I issue a challenge to the SPL — get tough on these slackers. Not only fine them but dock them points for being unable to fulfil a fixture.

Under SPL rules, Dundee were told they must have a weather-protection system. They claim that the park froze in the afternoon, but I doubt it.