Daily Tabloid - Britton voted top pin up in the world

Last updated : 17 December 2004 By Harry Hoofter

Livingston midfielder Richard Britton was today said to be gob smacked at being voted the number one sexiest footballer in the world.

The alleged poll by Out, the worlds top gay magazine attracted over 10 million votes for the Livi midfielder, more than 3 million votes more than Ray Parlour, who is said to be gutted at losing out to Richie.

An Out spokesman today revealed that they were ecstatic about Richard winning the top prize, and are hoping the Bathgate lad will accept the award at a glittering ceremony at the Pink Elephant in the Canal Street district of Manchester.

The Spokesman, Raymond Charlesfield added that he thought that the Livi youngster deserved the award, despite being a virtual unknown. He said “Hmm, Richie is a wonderful advert for Out, his looks are sooo gorgeous, his facial bone structure is sooo nice, he has such a defined cheek bone, I wouldn’t half mind getting a feel of his bone”.

Richard's Legs yesterday
He went on “His [Richard's] legs are possibly the yummiest in the world, and his butt, IS TO die for. I actually have had the privilege of meeting Richie, and when our eyes met, I screamed “Ritchie, ohh Ritchie” and he let me give him a kiss”

Livingston supporters were said to be shocked but happy at the news. John “Deasel” Wrexham said “I hope that Richard makes it to Manchester to pick up his award, I’ve frequented the premises of the Pink Elephant on a few occasions, and it’s just simply wonderfully great, superb, a great venue”

Andy Clexland said “I’ve seen Richard in a tight white top before, he looks simply delicious, bring it on”.

If Richard does make it to pick his award, www.liviultras.com will bring you EXCLUSIVE pictures from the event.