Daily Tabloid - Journalists caught out

Last updated : 08 August 2005 By Dov

The Daily Tabloid can today reveal that Edinburgh-based alleged bigoted newspaper The Sighthill Evening News is in deep trouble.

 A rumour has been sweeping around media circles, that the Evening News is just about to go bust over revelations that most of the journalists are inept morons, who got in the back door by sleeping with Editor who is a transvestite from Luton.

The Tabloid team got a phone call from a person who wanted to be kept anonymous, claiming that sports journalist Barry Andersson had been caught in the storeroom with the editor, sucking his plums and licking his grapes.

We contacted Andersson’s former teacher, who was stunned to reveal that he was a journalist. Mr West, from Inveralmond High School said “Barry Andersson, are you sure you have the right person?” When we told him he was he added “When he was at this school, he was so stupid, he tried to shag the car exhausts in the car park, he was in the special class for the idiots, and he was chucked out of there after a while as he kept on wetting himself, the last we heard of him, he was a bitch for some Tranny in the town”.

So there you have it, don’t read the paper as it’s got more crap in it than a German Scat Movie, and if you do, we’ll cut your balls off!!