Daily Tabloid - Lambert Facing the sack

Last updated : 19 May 2005 By Dov

Popey last night
Livingston owner Pearse Brosnan has announced that Paul Lambert will leave the club on June the 2nd.

The ex-Celtic player succeeded Richard Gough to take the Almondvale hot seat, and although Lambert will only be in the managers’ job for one day, it will make him the longest serving manager in Livi’s history.

Pearse was emotional when he announced Lambert will leave. He said “Hail Hail, Paul has done a wonderful job so far, and he’s not even the manager yet. He’s painted Almondvale in Gold and Green and has changed the stadium name to Larsson’s Paradise. He will be relieved of his duties on the second of June, and we have already sourced out a replacement, who will be in charge on the 3rd of June.”

The fans champion, The Daily Tabloid believes that the new manager is none other than St Martin O’Neil’s close friend, Pope Benedict XVI. When questioned about the allegations that the Tabloid put to Pope Benedict, the German spilt the beans. Benni Said “Whoz has been talking to ze Tabloid? Ja it is true, I vill be da new Livingstone boss come ze 3rd on Shune, und I will be getting ze old pal, DelaHitler on to ze whistleblower that spilt ze beanz to ze Tabloid

The Tabloid made a hasty exit after Benedict threatened to run us over in his shiney new popemobile.

Well people, we told you that Lambert was going to be the new manager, hours before anyone else, and it looks like the fans champion has done it again.