Daily Tabloid - Livi turn away fan!

Last updated : 17 December 2004 By Ivor Biggun
A similar bonnet to that which drew the looks.
A faction of the relatively undersized Livingston FC support have been for some time going out of their way to glare at fellow supporters with the upshot being that one 'die-hard' has decided to call time on them in the hope that they will get banned, or something.

Figment De-imagination (43) is a hard working family man who used to go along to Almondvale with his wife and 2 kids until the abusive looks meted out on a weekly basis by this minority proved too much. "Why, they even looked at my hat in a funny way one time too"! barked De-imagination (34).

"I used to go to a good 3 or 4 games a year with my wife and 3 kids but the continual staring at fellow supporters has led me to the conclusion that Livingston will never be any good and it's all their fault" he said without taking a breath. "The pies are rubbish too" he added for good measure.

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