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Last updated : 17 December 2004 By Donny Osmond
Bo and the boys posing at the Ohio state fare 1974 - Nice slacks! - click the pic

Information received here at The Daily Tabloid offices some time ago has finally produced a definitive answer to the oft' posed question down Almondvale way.

The DT has for some time been inundated by phone calls and emails by ladies 'of a certain age' begging to know 'if it really is them'?

Quite simply it's true!

Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, the seventies super group, famous for such world wide hits as "Billy don't be a hero" and "Billy don't be a hero" (click the pic) have for several seasons held season tickets and have attended games heavily disguised in order to blend in and avoid the screaming mobs and panty throwing pre-teens.

When questioned, lead singer 'Bo' (86) who has for years been claiming that their rendition of 'Billy don't be a hero' outsold the Uk's 'Paper Lace' version admitted that he was glad that they had been found out and there was no need to keep up the secrecy. "My false beard gave me an allergic reaction which saw my chin bulge up and my eyes take on a funny purple hue" he muttered as his nurse spoon fed him his lunchtime rusk.

"It's true alright" Bo continued. "And we'd have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky meddling kids"!

Somewhat controversially Bo added "What with the majority of the Livi support lookin' like walking jumble sales at the best of times, we knew we would blend right in"

Next time your down for a pie or bovril, don't wonder quietly to yourself if it is or if it isn't, 'cos it probably is. Walk right up and say hello to Livi's very own "hero's"

TOMORROW - More inane drivel like nonsensical examples of overheard rumours.

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