Daily Tabloid - New Blue Peter pet unveiled

Last updated : 17 December 2004 By Walter Ank

Young Livi fans will today be delighted at the news that benchmark TV show Blue Peter is set for a new pet – chairman Tony Kinder-Egg’s hair.

For following the sad passing of the ever popular Shep, BBC bosses have decided to bring a new animal to replace the collie as soon as possible. This will be the first time the show has had pet hair, but producer Biddy Baxter thinks the time is right to break the mould. “We’ve had dogs, cats, tortoises and now we have Tony’s hair” she said last night. “I think the children will just adore it.”

And this sentiment was backed by legendry presenter John Noakes from his farm in
Yorkshire. “I miss old Shep, but I can’t wait to meet Tony’s hair: it seems so woolly and cuddly. I’m sure we’ll make a great team” he told our reporter.

But in typically modest fashion, Kinder-Egg was playing-down his hair’s new starring role. “Why aye pet, it’s canny” he said. “Me bairns have watched the show for years, and I cannat believe me hair’s gonna be part of it man! But I won’t get carried away, divvun worry. I’ll just keep being chairman and let me hair do it’s own thing pet.”

However, former presenter Richard Bacon, sacked from the show for drug-taking, has sworn vengeance on Baxter following his dismissal, and fears are the jihad he declared last week may affect the new appointment. But most clerics dispute this as a fatwa has never been placed against a person’s hair before, so younger viewers might just see the woolly new pet in time for lighting the fourth candle on the show’s famous coathanger Christmas decoration.