Fri 14th - Daily Tabloid - Stanič in double-life shock

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Bonehead

Stanič leaving Almondvale, yesterday
Livi defender Goran Stanič has been secretly moonlighting as a rock star it was revealed last night.

The burly Macedonian has been lead singer and guitarist with 90s supergroup Oasis for several years now, but his double life has only just come to light. However rumours were rife at his previous club, Raith Rovers, following long absences from training during the festival period, in particular ‘T in the Park’.

We caught up with Stanič yesterday and attempted to get to the bottom of things, but the defender/guitarist was having none of it. “F*ck off y’scrat-end!” he yelled at our reporter as he left Almondvale Stadium. “Have a word with our kid cos I’m saying nowt mate” he continued rushing to his car. He then yelled “I’m mad for it” before doing an impromptue jig and sticking two fingers up.

Having done a bit of research in Stanič’s homeland, we learned he excelled at music whilst at school, and started a band called ‘Alexander the Great’ when he was 13. Following this, he had a lengthy history of drink-related offences culminating with his arrest in 1989 for urinating on an intricate walnut carving in the Sveti Spas church in Skopje. It was after this that he started Oasis under the name of Noel, with his brother Denko (aka Liam).

Livi manager Vincent Van Gough last night played-down his star’s secret life. “So long as he keeps playing well, I don’t care. Besides, ‘Champagne Supernova’ is a blinding track, and I’m well mad for it” he said in a mock Mancunian accent.