Mon 3rd - Daily Tabloid - Casper signs for Rentaghost

Last updated : 03 January 2005 By Fred Mumford

Gadzooks! The Rentaghost staff, yesterday
Former Livi wing ace, Mark Duthie, was last night celebrating his appointment as the latest member of the Rentaghost team.

Mark, or Casper as he was affectionately known due to his ghostly white skin, was initially one of a shortlist of 100 candidates for the vacancy caused by Slav Spectre, Miss Popov, sneezing herself into another realm. But he impressed the judges so much with his ghostly antics that he was signed right after his interview.

“Oh man, I canny believe it”
exclaimed a stunned Duthie. “What makes this all the more special is that I’m no even deid yet! I bet there’s a few unhappy ghosts haunting the earth tonight” he beamed with near-transparent lips.

Rentaghost spokesman, a 13th century jester called Timothy Claypole, explained the shock move. Why sir, methinks Casper was the best of the bunch!” he grinned waving his jester’s stick. “He has all the japes and jests our clients need to have a successful haunting, gadzooks!”

Casper’ is expected to start his new job next week by flashing his opaque willy at the 'LFC Karaoke Challenge' night and scaring the women.