Prisoners forced to watch Live SPL football

Last updated : 09 December 2004 By John E Bag

Prisoners families protest
Amnesty International last night condemned the Scottish Prison Service for forcing prisoners to watch live SPL matches.

Activist Findlay McCathie demanded an mmediate investigation when it emerged that long-term and remand prisoners were........

FORCED to sit through live games

FORCED to endure Jock Brown's analysis.

REFUSED blindfolds and ear plugs

TORTURED by sadistic guards who replayed taped highlights later.

McKechnie, 42, stormed: “This is what we’d expect from the Iraqis, not Scotland in the 21st Century. This sort of treatment is inexcusable.”

Amnesty’s concerns were shared by prisoners’ families who revealed that evil guards often locked TVs on Setanta, then took the batteries out of remote control devices.

“After 20 minutes the boys are screaming for mercy. It’s just inhuman,” one relative said.

“Okay, so my Jimmy done a few people in - but he doesn’t deserve this.”

A Prison spokesman last night defended the brutal new system, insisting that the prisoners were happy with the enforced soccer.

“They can’t wait for the next live Hibs – Hearts clash,” he said, a wicked gleam in his eye.