Sun 1st - TABLOID - Leishman furious at Livi fans'

Last updated : 01 May 2005 By Wee Jimmy Krankie

Leishman (left) enjoying his proper job, last night.
Former Livi manager-turned-traitor, Jim Leishman, was last night threatening action against the Lions supporters for barracking him throughout yesterday’s 2-0 win over Dunfermline.

As Livi continued to pile further agony on the Pars, chants of “Leishman, Leishman, what’s the score?” came from the stands, causing the Judas-like Leishman to turn purple with rage. The Tabloid caught up with a furious Leishman after the final whistle, and asked him why he was so angry.

“What do these animals think they’re on?”
he foamed, pointing toward the South Stand. “How dare they disrespect me like that, they have bloody short memories that lot! Hell, I was here for 8 years taking the credit for other people’s work, have they forgotten that? I made this club what it is today! And who won them the feckin’ CIS Cup eh? ME! ME! ME!” and at this he stormed off, knocking down any picture in the office corridor without him in it.

And indeed Leishman has a valid point. He happily rode the Almondvale gravy train while Demonic Keane was spending on overdrive, milking it for everything he could, and taking credit for anything he either was or was not involved in. He sat back whilst Ray Stewart and Davie Hay actually won success, before claiming the glory as his own. Then when the wheels fell off Keane’s gravy train, Leishman was off to his ‘first love’, Dunfermline Athletic FC, quicker than you could say Sod this, I’m off to do bugger all with the Pars.

So the Tabloid today makes a stance in favour of this bastion of Livingston FC.

, we know he did very little except hog the media and write crap poems.

, we know his post as ‘Director of Football’ really meant he could play solitaire and tetris all day whilst someone with a clue found good players.

, we know his loyalty to Livingston was fair-weather at best, piss-awful at worst.

But credit where it’s due readers. This is the man who made the Krankies great again, so for that we should all be eternally greatful. Remember THAT the next time you feel like disrespecting an idol, fandabidozi!