TABLOID - Livi are a pile of shite, and that's official!

Last updated : 12 January 2006 By Hu Flung-Dung

A big turd, like the 11 playing for Livi last night
The fans’ champion Tabloid received EXCLUSIVE confirmation tonight that Livingston FC is officially a pile of shite.

For the Pile of Shite Society (PiSS) awarded Livi the 2006 accolade on the back of recent poor performances, but given the team’s cataclysmic surrender to 2nd Division Alloa Athletic this evening, this award has a new significance.

PiSS Chairman, Brian Jobbie, told the Tabloid “we scour a wide range of companies, sports clubs and the like for potential candidates, but this year Livingston FC jumped out the back pages for us, so there was no real contest. We briefly considered East Stirlingshire FC, but tonight’s Cup result vindicates our panel’s decision. We’ve yet to see a bigger Pile of shite than that.”

Livingston FC is now free to add ‘PiSS’ after its name if it so wishes”
he added.

Rumours that the Pile of W*nk Society is also considering Livi for a special award have yet to be substantiated.

Nobody from the Club was available for comment however as they were all hiding in shame down one of West Lothian’s numerous old shale mines.