Thu 30th - Daily Tabloid - Gough set for clearout

Last updated : 31 December 2004 By Martha Fokker
A typical bin, yesterday
Livi Player Coach Vincent Van Gough (21) was yesterday overheard to say by a guy in the pub who told his brothers pal all about it who in turn gave us a bell, that he was "looking to put out the trash".

Rumours abound that Gough (56) has already lost the dressing room and feels the only way to regain control of a situation that could all too easily spiral out of control is to take down all the misleading direction signs inside Almondvale and replace them with his own.

It's often the case when a manager comes in that he feels that he is working with 'signs' and walking on carpets left behind by the previous management team. The best way to sort the problem is to take them down and start again.

Gough is no st'ranger' to starting again as during his 3 week stint at the helm of the Michigan Chargers, an under 10 girls team in the states he often had to replace stolen notice boards, one way signs and even though it makes no sense to include it, I can reveal that he also had to make the tea for thirsty parents too lazy to boil their own kettle.

I'm now at the point when an having thrown an article like this together so hastily that there is no decent way of ending it so I'll simply take this opperchancity to wish you, the dear reader a Happy New Year. Have a gid yin and dinnae get too drunk!!

A typical drunk, yesterday