Tue 21 - Daily Tabloid - Changes afoot

Last updated : 21 December 2004 By Mack 'Macka' MacAllenan
New logo required
It's become apparent recently that Livingston FC deserves to have a dedicated daily newpaper. It's simply getting harder and harder to keep up with all the comings and goings down at Almondvale, no matter how many different papers you read or web sites you surf.

With that in mind, The Daily Tabloid team pulled an all nighter the other day and reached a decision that will shock the easily shocked amongst you.

We need a logo! Yes, that's right. A logo.

Not only that, our dedicated news team have for some time now been looking at condensing all the different articles that can appear in your Tabloid on any given day into one, easy to manage web page. That way you'll know that your 'on the ball' and won't miss out on anything that you may later rely on in court. This has never been tried on 'live' UK television before, maybe world TV, so fingers crossed!

So how about it folks? Is anyone out there smart enough with the old PC to knock us up a new logo?

We want to get this right as we intend to move forward into the new year with renewed vigour and continued optimism. We hope that you will join us!

Keep it LFC! Keep it Daily Tabloid!

All logos entries should be titled 'Tabloid logo' and sent to dailytabloid@liviultras.com

Livi fans welcome the planned improvements, yesterday.