Wed 12th - Daily Tabloid - Wasps buzzing over Lions

Last updated : 12 January 2005 By Stephanie Smegcheese

A bumper crowd like this is expected next month.
The sleepy Clackmannanshire village of Alloa was this morning bracing itself for an amber - well more a sort of white stripey sort of thing - invasion following Livingston’s Scottish Cup fourth round tie being drawn for action at the town’s Recreation Park.

It’s been some time since Livingston and Alloa clashed in domestic competition, however February’s Cup showdown has the Wasps buzzing with anticipation, none more so that the local pubs and shops. Clackmannanshire Chamber of Commerce spokesman David Badura summed-up the mood amongst local tradesmen last night: “Livi are known for the size of their support, so we’re encouraging our members to get stocked-up in plenty of time.”

Clearly rubbing his hands with glee he continued “we’ve already told the local shops to get in extra Mars Bars, and most of the pubs will be ordering-in an extra 24-pack of Tennants to cope with the expected demand. We all can’t wait!”

And indeed, Alloa Athletic FC itself will also be pulling out all the stops to make the most of the bumper crowd. Club spokesman Hartley Hare told the Tabloid “normally we just have old Davie manning the turnstile, but he’s asked his mate Bob to lend a hand, so with any luck the extra turnstile should help ease the pressure and maintain segregation.” But when asked what he thought the score would be, Hare was slightly less enthusiastic. “Sorry mate, I’ll be in Glasgow with the board watching Rangers, but it’ll be the first score we check on Ceefax when we get home.”

So clearly an exciting day is in the offing. It’s best to order tickets early, so as to make the number the club has left to sell sound a bit better nearer the time.