A mixed week

Last updated : 10 February 2004 By Dov

Livi Hero
What a week. The Scotland on Sunday article was published, we had a wee idea what it was going to say, we have insiders on the messageboards (livilions) who posted that the story was going to be in the paper, and to be honest, I like most people didn’t think believe that the club was in that much bother. The CIS cup semi-final was fantastic, the supporters put all the troubles behind them, and some of us partied all day, and all of us partied all night after Derek Lilley made history by sending the Lions through to their first ever major final. Supporters of Livingston and especially members of the LLSC were shocked at one of their members (and a person on the committee) lashing out at a 17 year old boy, this idiotic behaviour needs to be stamped out, we have more things to worry about this week, I posted on the boards about it, but I knew that one of his LLSC pals would delete it, so I copied and pasted it last night, and you can see it on the ultras board. If you would like to know more, e-mail me on the e-mail link on the left.

Wednesday morning, seconds past 12am, Dominic Keane signed our beloved club over to the administrator; at 12:01 he told the supporters who were at the nitespot (the PowerStation is such a stupid name) that he was currently taking steps to get our club back. Keane was emotional, I first thought that he was drunk, but it became clear that the man who has brought Livingston most of it’s success, was overcome by emotion, and you could clearly see tears in his eyes

The second semi-final was on Thursday night, and I was sick and tired of getting messages from the bigots on hollowhollow.com about how they would love to see Livi die, they were looking forward to hammering us in the final, and they were guessing how many supporters that Livi would take to the match, they were so sure of making the final, some were even asking how to get tickets. One thing that the Glasgow minnows forgot about was a young Hibs team that is full of confidence, and they have a Rangers side that isn’t firing on all cylinders. It was so funny to see De Boer miss the vital last penalty, to see all they Rangers supporters look on in disbelief as their duds failed againwas fantastic, and very satisfying.

Most people are talking about being disappointed about the fact that we wont be facing Rangers in the final, but I think over 40.000 will attend the match at Hampden, hopefully the Lions will be able to take well over 10.000 for this match, I for one will be taking my Cousin Frank, but I will have to dig him up first.

One thing that needs to be done, is for the club to still be receiving money, get down to the club shop, buy a scarf or two, and get that woolly hat that you’ve always wanted. If the administrator doesn’t see any money going into the club, more and more members of staff will be shown the door.