Burns retains Scotland role

Last updated : 02 December 2004 By Teso Dos Bichos
So Walter Smith is the new Scotland boss? Unfortunately that is correct. He wasn't the fans first choice and it appears as if the SFA has went for the quick, easy and cheap option.

Congratulations to them. We can only hope that this gamble pays off.  It would make a pleasant change.  However, that is not the worst aspect of it all. That particular honour is reserved for Tommy "Ginger" Burns.

Burns was part of the great Vogts disaster. He must share in the blame for its failure. When Vogts was given the boot, Burns should have been straight out of the door with him. But no, he was retained by the SFA and now by Smith. For what reason? I've no idea, but it seems as if a few of the players like his influence. Namely Marshall, McNamara and Pearson. Have you spotted the connection yet?

Marshall is not an international keeper. He is prone to major errors and has not impressed at all. The same applies to Gordon. Burns had the chance to give an experienced keeper a chance, but instead picked his Celtic favourite. I can obviously have no complaints about McNamara, because he is actually a good player and was only added to the above list for extra effect. However, Pearson is another issue entirely. Anyone who bothered to go to Easter Road for the Swedish disgrace, will know exactly what I am talking about. He was shocking, but amazingly remained on the pitch, despite not featuring regularly for Celtic. Perhaps Martin O'Neill had a quiet word about him getting some additional match sharpness? Probably just after he had finished throwing his toys out and spitting the dummy at yet another pitiful loss. The tide has certainly turned.

Celtic players aside, Burns also allowed the likes of McNaughton and Severin to get a game. How the hell? McNaughton over McNamee is an absolute farce. Kevin showed, yet again, why Vogts was correct to ditch him. He was directly to blame for THREE GOALS CONCEDED!!! Surprise, surprise, guess who played the full game... Severin - I don't even need to make a comment about that particular one!

In summary, Burns is a Celtic biased idiot who is also to blame for Scotland's poor international ranking and form. He should be fired. Immediately.