Dundee support bring shame to their club

Last updated : 23 May 2005 By www.liviultras.com

Stewards try to keep out the disgraceful Dundee Supporters
Livingston supporters were stunned when violence erupted outside Almondvale before the match with Dundee. Its alleged that several hundred Dundee supporters went on the rampage, trying to kick in the Powerstation nite club doors, trying to force their way into the home section of the stadium, and it’s also believed that a 15 year old boy had his head split open.

A horrified Livi supporter who witnessed the disgraceful scenes at the game said “These people were drunk, and deeply unpleasant. A Livi supporter was punched twice in the face by a drunk Dundee supporter” It’s claimed that there was no police in the vicinity, they were maybe too busy making sure that everyone was sitting in their seats and not standing, the Lothian & Borders police are a joke, Rock Steady stewards could do a better job, and they are mumbling morons who cant ever walk right because they are so thick.

Dundee supporters are trying to blame Livingston FC for this, but they need to have a good hard look at themselves after what happened, Animals don’t even behave in this way.

Hope the Policing of first division games are better, because if not, these people are going to hurt someone.