Get it right up ye!!

Last updated : 21 May 2005 By

You thought that we couldn’t do it; the hate filled Scottish media says we wouldn’t do it, we’re an artificial team, made up, no support, no history, we’ll get it right up you.

A few months ago, we had nothing, we were hopeless, but Livi supporters never gave up, people like the Celtic loving Graham Speirs mocked our team, Archie McPherson slagged us off, but what do these people know. Speirs hangs about Parkhead looking to get a wink off of Lennon, so he can go home and play with wee frank and fantasise about the wee ginger one (allegedly) and McPherson, don’t get me started on that auld decrepit one.

We done it, and it was the best feeling ever, we’ve battled against the odds all this season, all the anti-Livi media, the Livi haters, and the most shockingly bias referees in the world, but to all you supporters that wanted us to go down, get it right up ye!!

We’ll all have a laugh and drink at your expense tonight