Going down...

Last updated : 14 January 2006 By Ally MacNeill

I don’t get to many Livi games. This is due mainly to the fact I live in Inverness and only get every 1 weekend in 3 off work, so today’s game at Caledonian Stadium was a home one for me. Now I’ve read all the doom & gloom from the hardcore faithful but perhaps a little naively refused to accept most of it, deciding instead to stick to a blind faith that it’ll all come good in the end.

However, after 90 minutes of watching Caley Thistle rip my team to pieces with great ease, I’m afraid my wee bubble has burst.

Never before in the 10 years I’ve been watching Livi have I seen a worse team than I did today representing the club. It was frankly embarrassing, and the chorus of “SPL, yer having a laugh” resonating from both home AND away support was completely justified, for the players in amber I watched today do not deserve to be in
Scotland’s top flight. The entire team stood about like statues as opposition players breezed past, and the word teamwork was as alien to them as the word goal.

Only new lad Wes Hoolihan played his heart out, chasing every ball and covering every blade of grass on that pitch. And the sad thing is that unless he gets snapped-up by another SPL side, this league is unlikely to witness his obvious skills much longer as relegation is wearing a badge, and that badge has “LIVI” written on it. And you know what? None of us can have any complaints about it, for if the team plays like a First Division team then that is where they belong.

I’ll leave it to others to chew the fat of the match report, but the bottom line for me is unless things change, and change fast, we’re certainties for the drop as my reservoir of blind faith is now dry. 10th anniversary eh? Aye, one to remember all right.