Lovell NOT facing the sack

Last updated : 05 December 2004 By Emu Emusson

Former Lions skipper Stuart Lovell is not facing the sack, in spite of numerous press reports hinting to the contrary, LiviUltras learned last night.

Lovell had been quoted in the media allegedly slating former gaffer Allan Preston for his continuing use of non-biodegradable carrier bags, yet this has been vehemently denied by Livi assistant kit-man Fabian Trousertrout.

“Livi do not, nor ever have used sacks”
he raged. “So to say Lovell is facing one is just plain nonsense. He may have some at home in his garden or possibly under the sink, but what he does in his private life has nothing to do with us” Trousertrout continued.

And indeed, a quick check of Livi’s past inventories backs Lovell as they show a sizeable number of Aldi and Asda carrier bags (all non biodegradable) but no sacks of any kind. However, green campaigners will be overjoyed to learn new manager Vincent Van Gough has since ordered 20,000 CO-OP fully degradable carrier bags for immediate use.

Lovell last night played-down the speculation by saying he only ever keeps potatoes in a plastic woven basket.