Made of money by spiggle

Last updated : 28 February 2004 By Dov
Thursday, February 26
Made of money by spiggle

Does Scottish football think Livingston supporters are made of money?

We're currently strapped for cash and trying to escape administration. How do Scottish clubs react? They try to fleece us!

Spartans — £15, Porkhead — £24, League Cup semi — £18, then the CIS final at Hampden and two matches at Pittodrie. Overall, this will cost around £120 for away games so far this year.

I would ask rival teams to look at Dundee and price games like they do — £9 for adults and £1 for kids.

The Dark Blues are in administration, too, of course, and obviously understand economics better than the rest of the SPL put together.

Price the fixture correctly and you have a chance to fill your stadium. Otherwise, fans will sit at home and watch the Old Infirm on the box

Wednesday, February 18
Dodgy Dealings??
So Livingston possibly have a new buyer in the shape of an English-based consortium.

The man who heads it, Chris Hay, insists a few rich people down south are interested in taking control of the club.

I spoke to Hay following the supporters' meeting at which he revealed the rescue bid, and he assured me it was 100% real.

I wonder what former chairman Dominic Keane thinks about the proposed takeover?

Most Livi supporters are wondering what Keane's next move will be.

He surely won't let someone else come in and take over the club he has built virtually from scratch — or will he? Only time will tell

Thursday, February 5
The administrators by spiggle
Dominic Keane has told us administration is inevitable and has stepped down as chairman of the club.

It is a sad day indeed to follow Dundee and Motherwell down the slippery slope that leads to who knows where.

My fellow Lions and I will continue to support the club whatever way we can.

I hope the administrators see sense and try and keep as much of the first-team squad as possible.

Players like Andrews, Lovell and McNamee are its core and if we want to progress in the league and cups, these guys must be retained.

I have seen how administrators have worked in the past, however, so best wishes to any players let go. We're with you all the way.

Thursday, January 29
The vegetable patch - spiggle
Yet again I exit Ibrox disappointed but happy. Disappointed with the loss of three points, yet happy that we played our hearts out and should have beaten Rangers.

I feel sorry for Roddy MacKenzie. He was caught out as the ball struck a potato in the vegetable patch Rangers have been growing in front of the goal.

Maybe this explains McLeish's carrot head, Davie Dodds' cauliflower ear and the bunch of turnips in the Rangers defence.

Talking of vegetable patches, it's a disgrace that Spartans are getting away with charging £15 for the cup game.

When some of our fans went for tickets on Monday, the concession tickets were sold out. This means that if a father wanted to bring his son, it would cost them £30.

This is out of order. C'mon Spartans, price the game fairly — don't let the fans who want to see the game suffer.

Wednesday, January 21
The Celtic connections by Dov
Livingston chairman Dominic Keane must pull out all stops to keep midfielder Lee Makel.

Makel has been one of our most consistent players this season, but the Lions are in danger of losing the playmaker if Keane continues to drag his feet.

The contract negotiations should have been ironed out ages ago — not in January, when the player can talk to other clubs.

Celtic lost out big time with Liam Miller, but just because Keane has Celtic connections doesn't mean he has to follow their every move.

Livi did the same with Stevie Tosh. We let him leave, he went to Falkirk, then Aberdeen snapped him up because they realised what a good player he was.

Let's hope Livingston don't make the same mistake with Makel.

Wednesday, January 14
As exciting as watching paint dry By spiggle
Saturday's cup tie was as exciting as watching paint dry. I actually dozed off briefly in the second half.

I can't believe we had the cheek to charge for that game. Dominic Keane should have refunded everyone's money as an apology for the lack of interest and effort shown by the players.

If we want to progress beyond the last 16 we need to play better than that when we face minnows Spartans.

The romance of the cup has handed Livi the ultimate no-win situation.

If we go through, everyone will say it's expected, and if we go out, it's "the shock of the round."

The media will hype it up in Spartans' favour and no matter what we do, we'll be criticised. I just wish the BBC had opted to screen Spartans v Livi live next month, rather than the bound-to-be-boring Killie v Rangers encounter.