Shock as Ultras site goes into Administration

Last updated : 01 December 2004 By The Administrator
Livingston supporters have reacted with shock and anger at the news that the LiviUltras site has went into administration this morning. Administrators, Droll walked into the Ultras offices and took over the running of the site at 10:30am. The site, which is believed to have been running at a slight loss, ran into trouble at the end of last month when the editor slipped and hurt his back at Yoga, and couldn’t keep up paying his invoices.

Creditor, Davie Sooker was angered by the news today, saying the site owed him “twa penny sweeties” he also added that “the wee midget better no leave the country, or else he’s gonnie get his wee half inch legs broken”. Another creditor, Peter Edinburgh hit out saying “What, I cannot believe that, he’s due me cash big time, he never once said the site was in trouble, where ever he is, he better start running now”.

The LiviLions messageboards are rife with rumours that the editor has already left the country, possibly to Amsterdam. He is alleged to have had some mental health problems, sparked after he was spotted taking two wee blue tablets that made him rage, all of this is of course hear’ say.

Administrator, Gorgeous George Galloway released this statement from his mansion in sun kissed Rome. I can confirm that Droll has taken over the running of the LiviUltras website, whilst we hope to find an early solution to the crisis, we cannot do this until the editor returns from the Dam, which, knowing him could be years away.

If you can help the Ultras site anyway, then visit this page