Dunfermline 1-0 Livingston

Last updated : 26 January 2006 By livilions.co.uk

If anybody was surprised at the (small) size of the crowd tonight then the match itself and in particular the Livingston performance should have explained it all. We were rubbish.

A defense that struggled to defend, a midfield that was awol and a strike force that couldn't find the net. Overall the kind of thing we have come to expect. Most worrying was that our new signings so far don't seem particularly any better than what we already had.

We started brightly and pushed hard whilst Jim Leishman's men struggled to find their feet. Dalglish in particular looked lively and had a couple of chances. The game soon settled though and we lost our advantage.

The single and winning goal came from one of many peices of mis-timed play. In this instance it was Greg Strong but it could have been one of many others. Putting in a tackle in the box he missed the ball and left the leg out for Burchill to throw himself over. The spot kick was driven up the middle by Darren Young.

And that was it really. We threw on subs, were gifted 4 mins extra time and did press near the end but really didn't deserve anything more than we got.

So it's back to the sad duty of scraping ourselves off the bottom of the league. We may do that but it will be as the one of the bottom 3 who is least fulfilling their potential. We should be looking at top 6, instead we are staring at the first division.

The only surprise really is as many put their hands in their pockets and turned up tonight as did.